Name: Gerry Fortilus

Role: Founder, Photographer Blogger

From: New York City

What he has to say:

I started this blog in 2011 and had no interest in ever revealing I was the founder or the one running it. Obviously, I changed my mind. I thought you all deserved to know after being so loyal and supportive. Thank you!

What We Wear 2 Church is much more than a blog for me. It’s how I express my love for Jesus. Fashion is one of the ways I choose to express myself, so naturally I can appreciate fashion and style as a whole. I genuinely enjoy dressing up to go to church to hang out with Jesus, and seeing others do the same in their own way with their own unique styles. That always made me think “I don’t look Christian…. WHAT DOES A CHRISTIAN LOOK LIKE?”

That’s how this blog came about. I wanted to show the world a part of who Jesus is, through who we are. We are not what they show on television or in newspapers. We are more… SOOO MUCH MORE.


Name: Joy Kraft

Role: Head of Social Media

From: New York City

What she has to say:

Hi, my name is Joy and my area of fashion is makeup. Makeup to me is empowering, it’s inspiring, it’s creative, it’s freeing. It’s simply everything I want to be and also everything Jesus is to me. God gave me a creative mind, a compassionate heart, a brain that craves to learn, and two hands that work lol.  With all that, I am able to teach people every day how to become the women they never thought they could be. I’m able to make people feel special, giving love through this gift the same way God loves me.

I’m passionate about WWW2C because even before I started working with the page I was inspired through the pictures of people just like me, with tattoos and piercings, being accepted as Christians when all I knew prior to this page was that this wasn’t the “Christian way” of looking. Working with the page now helps me to focus on my purpose and how I can use that every day to serve and love people.


Name: Dennis DeJesus

Role: Photographer

From: New York City

What he has to say:

I’m Dennis. I’m 23 years old from Queens, New York. I am one of the founders of Diversified Styles. I got into fashion about 4 years ago and I have been growing in my style ever since. Ever since I decided to take the step and define my style in my way that stood out, many opportunities and many doors have been opened for me. I am an entrepreneur with a men’s accessories shop where I sell handmade men’s accessories online. My brand is called MaiTie

I accepted Christ in my heart in 2009 and it was the best decision of my life. One of my first inspirations to fashion was friends from church. I realized that they dressed well, and decided to do the same. The reason why I feel that what you wear, not only to church but anywhere, is important is because it not only represents who you are but it represents who God is. I’m not saying that the only way to represent God is in a suit and tie. What I’m saying is that whenever you wear something, make it a representation of what God is and what God has done in your life. I take pride in who God has made me to be. And intend to show the world that you can be confident in your own skin and own clothing!

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Name: Anita Adesia

Role: Photographer and Blogger

From: Philadelphia, PA

What she has to say:

Hi, my name is Anita and fashion to me, is a way to express myself the way God has created me to. Shine the light on something that can be so basic but mean so much to so many people and in the future, I would love to grow my blog and own different fashion and beauty companies.

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Name: Clarissa Orozco

Role: Photographer and Blogger
From: New York currently New Jersey

What she has to say:

Hello! My name is Clarissa and I model Christ with style and grace.
I love to travel, shop, worship, and dance. I aspire to work with young girls in the near future and I am currently a senior at Nyack College.

Fashion has always been an inner part of me and I love inspiring others through my outfits and blog testimonies.
Fashion from the dust is a scrapbook of God’s voice and my style merged into one. I share current trends and share pieces of myself pertaining to the Word. Ultimately, my blog is the platform I use to reach the fashionistas who need my testimony to make history.

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Name: LoIris Sumbry

Role: Photographer and Blogger

From: Augusta Ga

What she has to say:

Hi, WWW2C Family!
My name is LoIris (low-ear-wris(t)), but you can call me LoLo! I live in Augusta, Georgia. I’m 25, and currently work as a Human Resources Recruiter.

I’m a HUGE vintage fashion junkie! I have enough vintage dresses to start a small boutique. I started wearing vintage clothing, due to not finding suitable things for the long-legged ladies, and went back to a time that believed in “modesty” and “knee-length” hemlines.

My dreams are to get on the mission field overseas, and work with the nations. In the meantime, I’d love to have a better paying job that would bring mission work into fruition.

Fashion to me, is being able to scream what I’m otherwise too shy to say. I like that my fashion, draws positive attention. I like that my fashion sense, is good for the world, because it’s “recycling.” It’s being free to mix and/or match whatever colors, prints, fabrics that I feel work together. I don’t usually plan outfits or stand in the mirror very long... I just go with what feels right in my “Shondo” and go from there.